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Awakening the Soul Through Music
Step into the heart of East Indian cultural exploration at the East Indian Music Academy Inc. website. As the pioneering Indo-Caribbean Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Music School, we are dedicated to propagating Indian culture and spiritual awareness through the transformative power of music, language, and various art forms. Embark on a journey with us as we harmonize the soulful melodies of Raag and the rhythmic beats of Taal
Welcome to a cultural odyssey where every note carries the essence of tradition and spirituality.
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What We Offer

Online Learning Hub
Dive into the world of Indian classical music from anywhere with our user-friendly online learning platform. Access high-quality lessons, practice materials, and engage with instructors seamlessly

Community Connection
Join a thriving community of music enthusiasts. Connect with fellow students, share your musical journey, and be part of a network that celebrates achievements and fosters inspiration.

Cultural Events & Workshops
Immerse yourself in the richness of East Indian culture through our regular events and workshops. From traditional music recitals to dance performances, there's always something happening at EIMA.

Inclusive Class Offerings
Discover your musical passion! From classical instruments like Sitar and Tabla to dynamic classes like Kathak Dance and Hindi language, we offer a diverse range of classes suitable for every interest and age group.

Flexible Learning Options

We understand the demands of modern life. Choose from our flexible learning options, whether online or in-person, to tailor your musical education to your schedule and preferences.

Award-Winning Instructors 
Learn from the best! Our seasoned instructors, including international artists, bring their expertise and passion to every class, ensuring a top-notch musical education.
Why people believe in us
   "My daughter has been attending the academy about two years now, this has changed a lot in her life, she's now understanding more about our culture, the songs that she learned was explained in fine details, learning the meaning of the songs was very impressive. This academy is a great for all ages. The graduation is so beautiful, looking at all the kids receiving their awards and certificates is overwhelming, I would definitely recommend this school to anyone. The teacher
are awesome here, very helpful and friendly, not
forgetting how tidy it is"
Kavitia Harnarine 
 "From 2008-2012 I attended EIMA for vocal/harmonium & violin. The exposure and knowledge of culture, value and overall a love for sound and music followed me to my adult career. I am now back again, learning sitar. EIMA has and continues to be a staple in my life. Living in NYC, we often hustle and search for time to unwind, and relax. Well, attending EIMA classes is my time to unwind, learn something new (and have fun.) Youíre never too old to start classes in something youíve always wanted to do, and Iím happy I joined back as an adult to do so."
Simran Bahi
"Namaste All! From the bottom of our hearts we want to say that Behen Diana and Bhai Matthew outstanding teachers! Behen Patricia has walked us through the process with educating us about the program and has explained it so well! She is very helpful and kind! Our twins Raveena and Ranveer attend their harmonium, and tabla class. They absolutley love Behen Diana and Bhai Matthew and excitedly look forward to attending classes weekly! The discipline, dedication morals, and structure of your program, school and teachers are amazing! We really appreciate it all! We highly recommend this music school to all!"
Reshma Deendial
"My daughter started harmonium classes almost three years ago. Despite lacking a family music background, instructors at the school have been able to make her flourish. She has worked with five teachers, and has been able to transition from class to class easily, because the teachers are well versed in the classes. There is a strong sense of cultural identity as soon as you walk in the door. Their commitment to the children does not stop at training. It also follows in the form of regularly scheduled performance days allowing any shy children to divest them of any timidity in a familiar environment."
Priya Sukhai
Harmonize Heritage: 
Support EIMA's Cultural Mission Through Your Generosity

Your support fuels the harmonious mission of East Indian Music Academy Inc. Every donation contributes to the preservation and promotion of Indian culture through music, language, and the arts. Join us in nurturing the next generation of musicians and cultural ambassadors. Your generosity paves the way for a vibrant future where the spirit of East Indian heritage thrives. Thank you for being a key part of our cultural symphony.